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 We are here to lay a helping hand for anyone who needs that warmth. 

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Poor Kids Laughing
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Change begins one person at a time!

At SathyaMeta Foundation, we believe every life is valuable and has the right to dignity. Thus, we strive to do our bit for society and our community. Enriching our community, we serve the homeless, disabled, religious, and foster kids by providing food, shelter, clothing, and education.  

Developing a long-term, positive solution, backed by a secular faith, we are here to bring the community together in every way that we can. Offering a helping hand to International Kids and Seniors we augment holistic development opportunities for those who could use it.


Inspiring Change - Sathya Meta Foundation


As a charity organisation, we strive towards uplifting the education power of the needy. Helping children with free but quality education, we know that our future will be bright only when theirs is brighter.

Home and hospital

We provide shelter, clothing and medication facilities for the elders,  homeless, disabled, and foster kids and help them live a life of dignity.


At SathyaMeta Foundation, we offer fresh hot meals to homeless kids, disabled, elders and the hungry. If you wish to be a part of our program and help in providing meals to those who need it, please join us in our endeavour to serve.

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